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Journey Beyond The Skies

Changes Come To Yamabushi

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 2, 2009, 7:41 PM

Daily News

Hey there guys and gals.

I hope this journal finds you all well. As I had mentioned before, some changes have occurred in the project itself, some of which I’m pleased with, others are a little bit scary, but all in all, I assure you it’s all for the best. I had promised you to keep you all informed on what is on the go, so this is the part where I start doing the explaining.

You might have noted that Hannah is not posting as much as before when it comes to the Yamabushi account, may it be artworks, or journals. We’re not posting pages, we’re not posting any new work per’se, but before anyone jumps the gun, no, she did not abandon us. Hannah will be taking care of character designs here on, and that’s all. The rest, for now, is in my hands.

As all of you well know, I take this project maybe a little too seriously. I don’t know how big it can, or cannot be, but I don’t want to risk having regrets about it. I don’t want a big opportunity to slip by and then wonder, what if. Hannah finds herself very busy with other tasks not related to Yamabushi, and unfortunately, I believe that this kind of project, as big as it is planned to be, cannot move forward unless you dedicate enough time to it. Like everything else, it needs it’s attention, commitment and maybe a little bit more effort than your average web-comic. Due to different circumstances, Hannah is not able to provide that right now, so I’m taking the weight on my shoulder and will be working on the project by myself for a while.

The plan, as of last week, will be this:-

- First of all, I’ll be finishing the Seiryu Map. This will allow us to open character submissions.

- While that is going on, I will keep writing the story. The further I write, the more characters I will be requiring, hence, submissions will be opening and closing periodically while I write the story.

- As the story is being written, Hannah will be asked to work on the character designs.

- Once the story is completed, from top to bottom, and all characters have been designed, I will be looking for an artist who can act as a penciller for the project. I will be doing the ink work, as well as the coloring myself. (This might be subject to change depending on the budget I’ll have at the time.)

- The Yamabushi story will be published through, if possible, a known comic studio, or else self published by me.

The amount of effort, research, time and hard work put into this project makes it too big to be just your average web comic. I had hoped that if I had someone else to share the work with 50/50 this would make it easier, but that was not the case unfortunately.

I know that some of you might be disappointed, but that’s all I can do up to now, unless someone comes with a much brighter and better idea. If you do have something in mind, feel free to voice your opinion.

In the meantime, I would like to thank all those who are helping me with ideas for the Seiryu map. Your efforts will not go uncredited, that’s a promise. And by all means, keep those names coming! :) We’re doing great so far.

That’s all for now. I’ll be waiting to hear what you guys have to say about it.



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So... you arent accepting characters anymore :(

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Audition period ends April 30th. Once that date has passed, there will be a short break, and then the first roundwill begin ^^
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